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Swift Enterprises Driver Information

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Why Drive for Swift Enterprises?

Searching for a trucking company to drive for can feel confusing and intimidating. Swift Enterprises (SEL) is a unique company to work for.

We are an AGENT of CRST The Transportation Solution. In fact, we’re one of the largest asset-based agents in America. What is an asset-based agent? Simply a trucking company inside of a larger trucking company. Swift Enterprises has a fleet of 300 company and owner operator trucks, with our own customers, planners, dispatchers, trainers, teams, customer service reps, and management. We operate as any trucking company would – with a few exceptions.

  • We don’t have our own trailers. We use CRST The Transportation Solution
  • We operate under the CRST The Transportation Solution DOT operating authority.
  • CRST The Transportation Solution provides the safety program, billing of receivables, breakdown service, dispatch software, and communications equipment to the tractor.
  • Though we have our own customers, we pull freight for CRST The Transportation Solution customers as well. The mix is approximately 50/50.

There are many advantages to choosing SEL because of this dynamic relationship.

  • The freight mix is large and diverse, keeping our trucks moving constantly. You can expect a 25% increase in paid miles working for SEL.
  • The extensive freight mix provides numerous opportunities for us to tailor certain lanes for drivers that live in our consistent lanes. We offer dedicated, providing great home time for drivers in several locations.
  • For CRST The Transportation Solution drivers wishing to transfer to SEL, the process is simple and fast – normally just half a day.

Unique Opportunities at SEL

Though not as large as CRST The Transportation Solution, our mega-sized partner, we have many of the same opportunities – and even higher income potential.

  • We offer great solo freight. Much of the freight is drop and hook. Some of our special freight is required to be tailgated by the driver. Compensation for those can range from $150 – $350 per trailer in addition to the miles. As solo drivers for SEL, many of our top drivers consistently gross $1,500 or more per week.
  • If qualified, you can be a trainer with SEL. Approximately 15% of our professional drivers train new drivers to be safe and on time. Trainer status pays very well and has many benefits. Every trainer is managed by a dedicated planner and a dispatcher who is highly experienced with training team operations. If this option interests you, call today for more information.

Consistent, Year-round Freight

Keeping our drivers moving is one of the most important things we do. We have expert planners and customer service reps who keep our trucks on the road and preplanned. You can count on consistent preplans and paid miles with SEL. Most of our solo drivers average over $1,000 per week.


At Swift Enterprises, we hire the best of the best. We’re looking for excellent drivers who have been on the road for major carriers or smaller outfits. Our experience and safety standards are strict. We trust our drivers to maintain our reputation with customers and clients alike. We treat each other like family. And we hold each other accountable. Click the button below to see our full list of requirements – and learn if you qualify to join our team.


One of the first questions drivers ask is, “what benefits do you offer?” We’re proud to offer benefits that measure up to the best trucking companies in the country. Here’s what all Swift drivers get:

  • Average $1,000 weekly check on miles
  • Medical insurance after just 30 days on the job
  • Best service performers may earn dedicated tours
  • Reliable, up-to-date trucks
  • 2 days off after 10-14 days out
  • 3 days off after 21-28 days out, come out on the 4th day
  • Training program for both driver trainers and students

Join Our Team!

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