About Us Why Swift Is Your Preferred Shipping Partner.

Company Values

We hold our entire company to an industry-high standard. Just a few of the qualities we prize include:

  • Punctuality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Organization
  • Accountability

Mission Statement

Swift Enterprises has been saddling up and moving freight forward since 1995!


It is our mission to give our customers and drivers the best care possible. We pride ourselves on being an honest trucking company. We do not sugar coat the truth or hide behind a false curtain of empty promises. We want your trust and respect and will earn it! Here at Swift, we strive to accommodate your needs and will go above and beyond to keep our word always.

Swift Enterprises Management Team

Gregory A. Swift

President & CEO

From a background in the military, Greg worked at the Department of Energy for a time. After a stint in the Colorado State Patrol, he moved back to Washington, D.C. as the Director of Law Enforcement Training at the Department of Energy headquarters. In 1995, Greg took some time off – and ended up getting his CDL. He never looked back. Now, he keeps a spreadsheet full of long-term projections, short-term lane assignments, and high-level market analysis. He meets face-to-face with clients. He stakes his reputation on our team’s ability to meet expectations. His strategic mindset and commitment to excellence drive Swift Enterprises.

Mark Robbins

Recruiting/ Vice President of Safety and Quality

Mark Robbins has earned his position as the Vice President of Safety and Quality in Recruitment. He handles all new hires and assists Human Resource in making sure that each driver is treated with respect and shown the ropes. Mr. Robbins guides the driver’s path from orientation to fleet management placement to the road! He is a machine at the job.

Alvin Warren

Maintenance Manager/Administrator

Alvin Warren has been with Swift Enterprises since the beginning. From customer service, to dispatch, to fleet management, and driving himself, Mr. Warren is extremely qualified and experienced in handling all maintenance issues that Swift Enterprises may develop. He is the very best 24/7 communicator with all drivers at all hours day or night. Alvin treats these trucks as if they were his very own and works hard to ensure that our drivers have the best quality trucks available!


Training starts at the top. Our drivers will reap the benefits of having fleet managers that are excelled and experienced in over-the-road driving. The owner, Gregory Swift, is highly educated and experienced in transportation and takes time out of his own personal schedule to teach classes for his drivers on what it takes to own your own truck.

We push ourselves to house the best and most reliable drivers for our customers.